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Poppy and Cashew Memorial

rat ornaments

My two, sweet ladies lived full, happy lives with us but finally had to pass on. I want my memories of them to be joyous and regular so I designed Christmas ornaments for them. Growing up, one of the things I loved about decorating the Christmas tree was that many of our ornaments had stories around them. So I’m very excited to start building my own collection of meaningful ornaments and to have my ladies with me every holiday season.

Poppy was an energetic lady who was unable to use her hind legs during her last couple months. Remarkably that didn’t slow her down at all. Poppy just slid around on her belly as though that was a most elegant way to travel, thank you very much. She also had strong opinions about my decorating choices. Almost everything I put in the cage got shredded and then piled into the back corner disapprovingly.

Poppy ornament

Cashew’s weak heart made her susceptible to naps. While her sister wandered around destroying whatever linens I put in the cage, Cashew was almost always sleeping. But put a piece of food in front of her and she’d snatch it like a shark, no matter how deeply asleep she was a second ago. Then after much scrambling to get from her hammock to her snacking corner, she’d always wash herself before eating; a quirk that never failed to amuse me.

Cashew ornament

These ornaments were simple to make but one of the most satisfying projects I’ve done in a long time. I encourage all crafters to infuse their projects with meaning and happiness.


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