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Pink Elephants & More!

After our most recent Felt Creature Craft Camp I have been working on my blanket stitch and trying out some adorable patterns!  My successes include an orange giraffe with heart splotches, a Totoro who has trouble standing up on his own because I very securely and incorrectly placed his tail, a pink elephant to match a baby quilt I’m working on, and a blue whale with a heart on its’ belly.

I had ordered so many beautiful pink felts that I had a hard time deciding which to use for this elephant.  The only logical thing to do was to use as many shades of pink, coral, and cream as I could!  This plushie matches a pink, grey, and cream elephant baby quilt that I’m making and I can’t wait to see the two of them together!

I had a really hard time getting the distribution for the spots on this giraffe to look natural.  Once I decided to make them hearts instead of randomly shaped blobs things went much better!  Next giraffe I make I will fill the feet with sand or beans because this guy is a little top-heavy and tends to fall on his face at the slightest provocation.

This adorable creation came from Amanda Carestio’s book Stash Happy: Felt: 30 Fun Projects for Felt (and Fabric) Lovers.  I used a bright pink Sunfelt for the heart and I love the soft, smooth feeling of this felt.  I am also loving the winking eye and eyelashes.  Just what every whale needs!

Finally this forest spirit is true to story in grey and cream.  He was VERY fun and super easy to make.  Most of this plushie involves stitching all of the features onto the flat front piece and then just stitching around and stuffing!  I did learn that the key to allowing Totoro to stand on his own involves a low tail placement.  My little guy needs to be propped up or he rolls right over.  Oh well! I’ll have to make another one!


2 comments on “Pink Elephants & More!

  1. dianastoneman
    August 13, 2012

    Wow, I LOVE that whale’s bright, pink heart. Reminds me of the care bears!

    I already have a totoro plushie but I still want to make one. Yours is just so adorable even if he tips over.

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