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This is how it starts.  A pot filled with unsprayed rose petals that have been picked, washed, and cut to remove the bitter white bits at the base of each petal.  While this stage was incredibly time consuming and involved not a small amount of bug life, there are few things as beautiful as a huge pile of fresh rose petals.  It looks and smells delicious!  The petals are added to water and boiled.

The rose petals are strained out and this hot pink water that smells  like spring is combined with lemon juice and sugar.

Everything gets boiled again with some pectin and it becomes Rose Petal Jelly!  I learned that this is a jelly and not a jam because the petals are strained out.  I later made a rose petal jam where the petals stay in the final product.  The jam seems more substantial but there is nothing like the clear, hot pink jelly that this creates.

Once the jars are filled leaving 1/4″ headspace they are processed in a water bath for 10 minutes and the jelly is ready to store or give.

This is the start of a Lavender Champagne Jelly that made the most beautiful light purple liquid.  I can’t wait to taste some soon!

I also made a Strawberry Champagne Jam!  Notice that the strawberries are still in the finished product which makes this a jam and not a jelly!  This project was really fun and satisfying and has resulted in some beautiful homemade gifts.

Next up: Blackberry Jam and Apple Butter… fall is coming soon!


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