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A New Elephant is Born!

And another little elephant is born!  A fabulous cousin sent me a craft-camp-in-an-envelope when all the other stuffed critters were being made- being in Germany does indeed have its downsides.  Missing stuffed animal craft camp is definitely one of them.  Another is a lack of public drinking fountains.  But I digress.

This pattern went together pretty easily- which was nice.  Moving halfway around the world to a place where you don’t speak the language means any additional stress, even if it is elephant assembling stress, could cause weeping and gnashing of teeth at any moment.  So a nice, low stress little project was just the thing.  I worked on him during the breaks in my language classes- and mystified my classmates until they could finally make out the elephant in the scraps of felt and thread.  Then they were suitably impressed and, I like to think, coveted my elephant quite a bit.

So here he is!  On a table and hanging out in a pot of basil.


One thing that I did do some looking around on were eye options.  I spent 45 frustrating minutes practicing french knots that would immediately come unraveled, but I found a couple tutorials that may help others.

This one at the Purl Bee actually made the most sense to me.

But I really liked this woman’s video.

However, after I became frustrated with french knots and threw my elephant across the room, I found this blessed tutorial at Shiny Happy World for easy embroidered eyes.  They have more definition than just straight stitches but are waaaay easier than a french knot.

Stitching this guy together did make me spend a few hours examining felt shops around the Internet, an expensive habit if there ever was one.


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