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Super Basic Scarf

scarf and yarn

My talented knitting friend, Courtney, taught me the basic knit stitch and set me up with some beautiful Noro yarn to make a scarf with. I attempted to teach myself knitting once before but got too fancy and messed my project up. And by fancy I mean, added a purl stitch without supervision… But this time I got very clear and simple directions and it’s turning out nicely. If I want to be able to use this scarf before Portland’s short winter is over I will need to hurry though. I’m only about halfway there!

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3 comments on “Super Basic Scarf

  1. sparkleturkey
    February 13, 2013

    I love that Noro yarn! I think I made a headwarmer out of it once…and hey, good on ya for knitting. I try it every couple of years but I am the worlds slowest knitter and somehow I end up with one stick in my armpit and the other elbow at a right angle near my ear. I don’t know if I can be trusted with more than my crochet hook…

    • dianastoneman
      February 13, 2013

      Isn’t it lovely? If there’s a yarn to make me feel good about only being able to handle a basic stitch, it’s Noro. ❤

      Knitting and crocheting really confuse me. Near as I can tell, they both produce giant, stylish knots. I don't understand where the yarn goes and why. If you are competent at even one, you're a step ahead of me!

      • sparkleturkey
        February 14, 2013

        It is incredibly weird that you can construct an entire garment out of intentional yarn tangling. That always blows my mind if I think too much about it in a “whoah…duuuuuuude…” kind of way 🙂

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