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Sequin Stash

all my 5 mm sequins

While making my sea creature ornaments I wished I had more sequin colors to choose from, especially some dazzling iridescent ones. I’d been keeping an eye out for new colors whenever I stopped by Joann’s or Michaels but was usually disappointed. Finally I got smart about it and looked to the Internet. And by smart I mean spent all my money on sparkly things.

8 mm mixed sequins

The site I went to, Cartwright’s Sequins, didn’t have the best interface but they certainly had impressive selection. Turns out there’s a category of sequin even more colorful and sparkly than iridescent, it’s called iris and I love them! I’m so excited to design with this new palette of sequins, I hardly know where to start. More Christmas ornaments? Plushie ponies? Or perhaps… SAVING LIVES.

green and blue sequins red and purple sequins


One comment on “Sequin Stash

  1. Kelly Case
    June 16, 2013

    IT’S SO SHINY!!!

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