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The Diaper Clutch

ClutchesI have been sewing up a lot of baby things lately and I am way behind on posting the results. This is one of my favorite projects so far because it uses a lot of adorable fabrics, seems very useful / practical, is fairly easy to make, and sells for $60+ on Etsy!  It’s a perfect combination of reasons to craft.  I’ve made 4 so far for friends and family and each one’s a bit different due to the size of the fabric and the fact that I was crafting with a migraine for awhile.  Migraines and measurements DO NOT MIX!

photo-27The main part here is the clutch.  This is reminisceint of the tea wallets that Amanda and I made a few years back.  The main body of the clutch starts out with an exterior fabric, a lining fabric, and interfacing of your choice all cut to 12.5″ x 24″.  I also put a layer of wonder-under on the lining to keep it all together when it’s finalized.

photo-30Iron the interfacing to the exterior fabric and the wonder-under to the interior fabric.  Then place magnetic clasps on each of the narrow ends at about 3″ from the edge.  Pin the strap (1.75 in x 13.5 in) at the halfway point (finished end going inside and raw edges sticking out) and place right sides together.  Stitch all the way around the edge, leaving an opening to turn right-side out.  Turn right-side out and iron flat to secure your wonder-under.  Top-stitch around the edges making sure to seal the opening.  Then fold up each end about 4″ and stitch the edges down to make your pockets.




Ribbon Detail

I accidentally stumbled upon some adorable decorating ideas and I’m sure the possibilities are infinite!  I put a ribbon across one (to cover up a terrible mistake), and I hand-embroidered over part of the print on the fabric on another one.  This flower is my favorite detail!



2 comments on “The Diaper Clutch

  1. dianastoneman
    June 17, 2013

    You’ve been busy! I love the embroidered flower. It pushes that pouch from simply lovely to coveted, even though there are no diapers over here.

  2. sparkleturkey
    July 3, 2013

    That is one slick satin stitch!

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